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URSUS is the big novelty of this year for Maison Bouvier, Clément will be the chef of this restaurant. It replaces La Table en Montagne which had 25 tables and 90 seats. Today it offers 12 tables and 45 seats, with the desire to deliver a gourmet cuisine.

The project’s birth by Clément Bouvier: “I love going for a walk in the forest to pick my own food. It is also during one walk that I came this little crazy idea… Sharing this pleasure with others. And since I could not bring everyone with me during my walks, I decided to bring the forest back to them!
It is this concept that gave me the idea of URSUS as the name of the restaurant! Indeed, URSUS refers to the last breed of brown bear in Savoy, the Ursus Arctos.

URSUS is the desire to offer a unique experience in the heart of the forest. All means will be used to dive restaurant guests in a forest. Every detail is carefully decorated with no less than 380 trees!

A year and a half later, the reward for this bold bet is at the rendezvous. Thanks to its authentic and mastered cuisine, in a captivating and intimate setting, Clément Bouvier and his teams win the first Michelin star for the URSUS restaurant.


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Rue du Val Claret
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