As you may know, La Maison Bouvier is above all a family story.

It is also from our family that comes the name of the restaurant La Table de Jeanne. Jeanne is a tribute to Jean-Michel Bouvier‘s grandmother. She was a cook in the middle-class houses of Chambéry. As a child, during the weekends, he loved to meet her in her kitchen and to learn her gourmet cuisine. It is this cuisine that he intends to offer to the customers of Table Jeanne.

La Table de Jeanne propose a farmhouse cuisine and a table organized around local products, to propose a table that brings people together. Everything is done to immerse you in the atmosphere. Whether our tables, our chairs or our dishes, everything comes from flea markets in the region. Everything is recycled to create a unique atmosphere.

In addition, even the kitchen have been designed to contribute to the harmony of the restaurant. It is open to the restaurant room and we offer dishes directly served in our pans and casseroles. From the plate to the decoration, everything is done to make you feel “at home”.


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14 Avenue de la Grande Motte
73320 Tignes

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